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Create an account

An NABat login and password are required to access most features of the Partner Portal. Request a NABat user account by clicking the link in the top right corner of the NABat homepage

DOI users: Log in using Bison Connect.

Non-DOI Federal Employees: Follow the link under "Experimental: External Accounts" to After the page loads, follow the "Sign in with your government employee ID" link.

All other users: Follow the link under "Experimental: External Accounts" to create a account.

Once your account is approved and you have created a username and password, navigate to the NABat Partner Portal and log in.


Once logged in, click the Projects tab from the top menu bar. All All projects for which you are currently a member will appear under the "Projects" tab of the NABat homepage. If you wish to be added to an existing project, contact the project leader and request to be added as a member.