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Log into your NABat account. If you do not have an NABat account, follow the guidance to create one.

Start by filling out the “NABat New Project Form” DOCX. This document is a template for the fields that you will enter data into when creating the new project in the NABat Partner Portal. The template provides formatting and content requirements for these fields.

Fill out the “NABat New Project Form” DOCX, then follow the instructions in the form as well as the “Creating a new NABat project” on the Plan Your Project page.


NOTE: If you are currently uploading data in the Partner Portal for a different project, wait until that data upload is complete before working on anything else. That includes project creation, editing fields, etc. 


Cell Selection is not required. Select the “Back to Project” button and return to your new project’s home page. Check that the project details fields are all entered correctly.


Before moving onto working with the acoustic files, you will need to create a species list in your project. Make sure the appropriate species are selected for the species list based on the county the survey was conducted in (see Appendix 2). Use the LABOLASE designation to account for both Lasiurus borealis and L. seminolus. Name the species list appropriately and use that same name in the “Species List” metadata field.

Account Creation
New Project Form - FBB
New NABat Project
Species List -FBB
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