Bat Monday / Lundi des Chauve-souris 13 May 2019

This is your weekly Bat Monday, brought to you by the national white-nose syndrome coordinator. Bat Monday compiles the latest on bat and white-nose syndrome related news articles, scientific publications, videos, and other resources. The content below is provided in its original language.

Voici votre lundi des chauve-souris hebdomadaire, une courtoisie du coordinateur national du Syndrome du museau blanc. Le lundi des chauve-souris compile les informations les plus récentes sur les chauve-souris et le syndrome du museau blanc, telles que nouvelles, articles, publications scientifiques, vidéos, et autres ressources. Le contenu suivant est disponible dans sa langue originale.

1. Article: P.E.I. residents encouraged to call the bat hotline to provide researchers with key information 2. Article: Fungus That Causes Bat-Killing Disease Expands Near San Antonio 3. Article: Com-bat-ing stereotypes: University professor breaks down batty misconceptions 4. Article: Probiotics Could Help Frogs and Bats Fight Wildlife Epidemics 5. Article: United Nations report paints bleak picture for 1 million of Earth’s species 6. Article: Vampire bats have a ‘gut reaction’ to habitat destruction 7. Article: A Kentucky startup's custom-designed bat houses are flying onto 'Shark Tank'

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