Bat Monday / Lundi des Chauve-souris 27 May 2019

This is your weekly Bat Monday, brought to you by the national white-nose syndrome coordinator. Bat Monday compiles the latest on bat and white-nose syndrome related news articles, scientific publications, videos, and other resources. The content below is provided in its original language.

Voici votre lundi des chauve-souris hebdomadaire, une courtoisie du coordinateur national du Syndrome du museau blanc. Le lundi des chauve-souris compile les informations les plus récentes sur les chauve-souris et le syndrome du museau blanc, telles que nouvelles, articles, publications scientifiques, vidéos, et autres ressources. Le contenu suivant est disponible dans sa langue originale.

1. Publication: Identifying Common Decision Problem Elements for the Management of Emerging Fungal Diseases of Wildlife 2. Publications: Variation in the number of hibernating cave myotis (Myotis velifer) in western Oklahoma and northwest Texas caves prior to the arrival of white-nose syndrome 3. Publication: White-nose syndrome: A fungal disease of North American hibernating bats 4. Thesis: Discovery of anti-fungal compounds from the immunobiome of North American bat species threatened by fungal infection with Pseudogymnoascus destructans 5. Thesis: Implementing the North American Bat Monitoring Program in Nebraska: An Assessment of Nebraska Bats with an Emphasis on Citizen Science 6. Article: Volunteers needed to help count bats, training available 7. Article: Pinery protecting ecosystem one bat at a time 8. Article: Waterton group receives grant to start new bat stewardship program 9. Article: Trying to keep bats flying in the face of an epidemic 10. Article: Bats being wiped out in PA causing more bugs in your backyard 11. Article: Fungus causing syndrome in bats continues to spread 12. Article: Popular cave to reopen Friday on Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest 13. Article: Fruit bats trade food for sex, study finds 14. Interview: Vaccination May Help Bats Resist Killer Fungal Disease, Early Research Shows 15. Video: Bat Swabbing at Northwest Trek 16. Acoustic training: Saskatoon Comprehensive Bat Acoustics Course 17. Webinar: Understanding and managing white nose syndrome in North American bats

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