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NABat Partner organizations, the Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative (CWHC) and the Illinois Bat Conservation Program (IBCP), have curated training videos to help newcomers get started with their own bat monitoring. Click the links below to access the training videos:

Enregistrement des routes de transect en tant qu'objets spatiaux

Les partenaires NABat peuvent fournir des informations spatiales pour les itinéraires de transects mobiles en (1) téléchargeant les itinéraires sous forme de fichier .kml ou .geojson, ou (2) en dessinant des itinéraires de transects mobiles à l'aide des outils de cartographie Web de NABat.

Want to see bats up close? Check out the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department's bat-watching guide at the link below:

Planning to take the dive into bat acoustic monitoring? You might find these links helpful:

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