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Organize raw files
Processed Folder and Subdirectories

  1. Open drive or SD card with data on computer. These files should be named with timestamps. Organize raw files in a project folder with the same naming format used in the “NABat New Project Form” DOCX (“FBB_[YYYY]_[CNTY]_ [Company]_[Name-of-Project]_[IPaC# if assigned and known]”). Individual deployments (i.e., single site, single detector, for a full passive recording period) should be in individual folders.

  2. Place these raw data folders in a “Raw” folder, then create a “Processed” folder in your project folder (Figure 1A).

  3. In the “Processed” folder, replicate the raw data subdirectories with empty folders of the same names (Figure 1B).







Organize Acoustic Filles - FBB.jpg

Figure 1. Example of subdirectories within a project folder. A) Within the “Raw” folder is a folder for every individual deployment that contains the appropriate raw data (one site, one detector, one full deployment period). B) The user sets up a “Processed” folder in the project folder and replicates the subdirectories of the raw data folders with empty folders of the same names.

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